Dark Hyrule Fantasy (DHF) is a ROM-hack modification of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a creative game development effort launched by E-Gor and Spire in October 2017. Stemming from the inspiration and remnants of Project Third Quest's original worldbuilding, DHF aims to be a full Ocarina of Time conversion mod, introducing a new world, a new story, new characters, and modifications of most elements from the original Nintendo 64 classic. Our hope is to deliver a new 'Zelda 64' experience built within the framework of our beloved predecessor.

The world of DHF is an interpretation of Hyrule like never seen before. Deriving from countless sources in and out of the Zelda universe, we aim to represent both classic and foreign concepts in an amalgamation of imagination. We have worked through many world layouts and concepts in order to land where we presently are, and we will show content when it is ready to be shared. There is much work before us, so please be patient, and enjoy the fruits of our labor thus far!

With Peace, Love, and Artistry,

E-Gor and Spire

Dark Hyrule Fantasy is a fan project based on The Legend of Zelda that bears no affiliation with Nintendo. We claim no ownership of any property or the elements thereof owned by Nintendo and our motive is entirely a celebration of the love for The Legend of Zelda with representative multi-media fan art including game design and modding. We are a non-profit team and this is all hobbyist work.

2020 | The DHF Team

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