Deadlands of Spook and Gloom

  • Villa Muerti

  • Ghost Docks​

  • Candlelight Woods

    • Nightshade Manor

  • Glowing Glade

    • Fishing Hole

  • Bloodgloom

  • Nightmire

    • House of Shadows

Muerti is a region west of the Great Desert, and found therein are things that scour the night. Surrounding the lone town of Villa Muerti are its Ghost Docks, home of swarth and shade, the labyrinthine Candlelight Woods and its mysterious mansion at the far-end of the forest, Nightshade Manor, and a sullen swamp, Nightmire, and its dreadful House of Shadows. Also populating this region are large fungal growths found in the calm river valley of Glowing Glade, and the treacherous poison-swamp Bloodgloom. Careful treading the dead region of Muerti, for it is home to creatures that creep and crawl and leave no trace of their malice.

Dark Hyrule Fantasy is a fan project based on The Legend of Zelda that bears no affiliation with Nintendo. We claim no ownership of any property or the elements thereof owned by Nintendo and our motive is entirely a celebration of the love for The Legend of Zelda with representative multi-media fan art including game design and modding. We are a non-profit team and this is all hobbyist work.

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