Wetlands of Fervent Forestry

  • Seaside Colony

  • Rainwind Jungle

    • Turtle Rock

  • Grim Cove

  • Serenity Beach

    • Cascade Cavern​

  • Geru Harbor

  • Tribunal Marsh

Jabuna is the south-central region of Greater Hyrule and is home to wetlands and shorelines flourishing in greenery. Along the coast is the Seaside Colony, run by a Governor keen on developing the untamed land. West of there is Geru Harbor, home of feisty lizardmen and east is the rocky shore-swamp Grim Cove, and Tribunal Marsh, a land untouched since indigenous rituals surmounted strange tides of fate in their temple. Connected to the colony is Serenity Beach, a slice of paradise in an otherwise gloomy region, and off its shore, a waterfall island containing Cascade Cavern. Tying all of this together is the sprawling Rainwind Jungle, the furthest extent of which houses the hilltop Turtle Rock.

It is here that Link arrives in Hyrule and begins his journey into legend...

Dark Hyrule Fantasy is a fan project based on The Legend of Zelda that bears no affiliation with Nintendo. We claim no ownership of any property or the elements thereof owned by Nintendo and our motive is entirely a celebration of the love for The Legend of Zelda with representative multi-media fan art including game design and modding. We are a non-profit team and this is all hobbyist work.

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